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Reil ranch.

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Current Weather Conditions at the Reil Ranch

  Garden Valley, Idaho

(About 3/4 mile East of Crouch)

"Global Warming," Fact or Fiction?

Time & Date of Last Data Upload: 13 Dec 2018 4:52 AM
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Garden Valley Area and Regional Forecast

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Snowfall at Reil Ranch Weather Station
This Update: 3 Dec 2018: 10:30 AM
Snowfall Measurement: 3-3/4"
 Storm Total at This Time: 3-3/4"
Snowfall Total to Date: 15-1/2"
*Notes: End of snowfall

See the rest of manually tabulated winter data halfway down the page.

Current Boise Weather Radar

Weather radar for Boise and Garden

Current Web Cam Image
This is a Webcam image of our horse and donkey barn, shot from a waterproof webcam housing on the upper NE corner of my blacksmith/decorative metalworking shop. Most of the time there isn't a lot to see unless we have a snowstorm or thunderstorm in progress. Things are usually pretty laid back here on the ranch. The picture is taken looking NNW up the valley of the Middle Fork of the Payette River. If it is winter you may be able to see little more than piled up snow with the peak of the barn sticking out above. The snow berm can reach 16-18 feet, the limit of my tractor's bucket reach.

Webcam is off-line for the night.

Current Station Readings
(Figures in parentheses indicate hourly change)

 Date and Time:

  13 Dec 2018 4:52 AM


  15.2°F (-1.8)

 Dew Point:

  12.8°F (-2.0)

 Wind Chill:

  15.2°F (-1.8)

 Wind Speed:

  0 MPH (0)

 Wind Direction:



  27.51 inHg (0.01)

 Rainfall Rate:

  0.00 in/h (0.00)

 Current Conditions:

  Heavy Clouds

All dials with comms image

Graphical History
Note: These graphs may be displayed in either 24-hour or 7-day format. If I lose a data set due to technical problems I will switch back to a 24 hour format until I have at least one full day of data history logged.

External temperature graph        Dew point graph

Wind speed graph        Wind direction graph

Wind chill graph        External humidity graph

Pressure graph        Heat index graph

Rain rate graph        External humidity graph

Daily rain graph

Manually Tabulated & Historical Winter Data
bullet Note: All data values below are in "inches." Also, these values are hand tabulated and entered on this page manually, so they will not be updated in the same quarter-hourly cycle as the rest of the data. I will update this data after each significant snowfall or storm when time permits. The snowfall measurements are taken near the location of my weather station on Anderson Creek Road, so they will likely not match snowfall depths in other locations in Garden Valley, especially up the Middle Fork drainage, or on the mountain slopes nearby where depths twice to three times what I record may occur.

Yearly Snowfall Totals
2017-2018: 68.50"
2016-2017: 109.5"
2015-2016: 57.90"
2014-2015: 58.75"
2013-2014: 41.40"

2012-2013: 50.75"
2011-2012: 81.75"

First Snowfall of the Season
2018-2019: 1 Oct 2018, Flurries
2017-2018: 13 Oct 2017, 0.25"
2016-2017: 28 Nov 2016, 2-3/8"
2015-2016: 17 Nov 2015, 0.9"
2014-2015: 13 Nov 2014, 12"
2013-2014: 6 Nov, 2013, 3.0"
2012-2013: 23 Oct 2012, 0.25"
2011-2012: 5 Nov 2011, 0.25"

Last Snowfall of the Season
2017-2018: 17 Apr 2018, Flurries
2016-2017: 14 Apr 2017, 0.50"

2015-2016: 16 Mar 2016, Trace
2014-2015: 5 Apr 2015, Trace
2013-2014: 2 Apr, 2-3/8"
2012-2013: 22 May, Flurries
2011-2012: 20 Mar, 1.5"

Solar Radiation
Note: Snow is an almost perfect UV reflector, so if any snow falls and remains on the UV detector it will not register any UV radiation, while in fact there may be intense radiation from the sky, as well as UV reflected upward from the surface of the snow. Therefore, if you look at the UV Index and do not see any indication of UV radiation, we may still have a dangerous level of radiation present. So please use care even if the UV Index shows a zero reading.

Solar Radiation: 0 Watts/M2                     Current UV Index: 0.0

UV Index Chart

UV Statistics
Current UV (change in the last hour):
0.0 (0.0)
Highest UV Today: 0.0 at 4:01 AM
Average UV Today: 0.0
Average UV This Week: 0.1
Average UV This Month: 0.1

Theoretical Cloud Base Elevation
The following graph of "Cloud Base" elevation is the result of a totally theoretical calculation involving the air temperature at ground level, current relative humidity, and the theoretical "adiabatic lapse rate." It assumes uniformly changing conditions in the vertical air column, which of course is most often not the case, especially in mountainous regions. The graph will still show a theoretical cloud base even when there are no clouds in the sky. The calculated cloud base height is simply the theoretical height, above the weather station, where the air temperature will have decreased enough (adiabatic lapse rate) to reach the dew point. For those living in Garden Valley, if you look at Charters Mountain or Garden Mountain, both about 7000' in elevation, and see clouds touching their tops, and then look at the graph below, and it indicates the cloud base is close to 7000', then you know the atmospheric conditions are relatively uniform, and match the theoretical rates of change as you move up the air column. I include this graph only for your interest.

Cloud base graph

Sunrise & Sunset Times

Sunrise Today:
8:10 AM       Sunset Today: 5:05 PM

Hours of Sunlight Today: 8:55

Sunrise Tomorrow: 8:11 AM       Sunset Tomorrow: 5:05 PM

Hours of Sunlight Tomorrow: 8:54

Current"Sage Winds" Weather Spotter Newsletter (pdf)
This monthly newsletter includes lots of useful weather and climate information for the average person as well as the trained weather spotter. The seasonal long term forecasts, monthly forecasts, and current weather discussions can be found here. Note: I no longer maintain a long term archive of back copies.

Spring Issue

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Weather Station Location & Info
The data source for this weather page is my "Vantage Pro2 Plus" weather station, which is equipped with a fan aspirated temperature sensor, additional solar sensors, and a rain gauge snow melting heater for winter. The weather station is located above my lower south pasture where there is nothing to interfere with wind or precipitation measurements. I also want to thank Garden Valley Fire for agreeing to host my weather page. I provide this weather page as a service to Garden Valley at no cost to Garden Valley Fire District, nor its patrons.

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