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Board of Commissioners


Commissioner's meetings are held in the Garden Valley Fire Department at 7:00 PM the second Tuesday of each month. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend to observe, ask questions, and/or make comments.


Members of the Board

  • Don Mathews, President, Term expires 12/31/2019, Subdistrict 1
    • Alternate: Kevin Kelley
  • Leigh Ward, Commissioner, Term Expires 12/31/2017, Subdistrict 2
    • Alternate: Rick Knigge
  • Ron Reil, Commissioner, Term Expires 12/31/2017, Subdistrict 3
    • Alternate: Greg Maples

Note: Alternate Commissioners provide input at board meetings, however, they do not vote unless The regular commissioner is absent at the monthly meeting;

What the Board of Commissioners do...

  • Oversee the general operation of the GVFPD in terms of both physical assets and staff
  • Act as liason between the public and staff. Commissioners may or may not have experience in fire fighting science but must be comfortable in handling interactions with the public, the GVFPD staff, and volunteers
  • Exercise fiduciary oversight of the GVFPD, ensuring the prudent disbursement of taxpayer funds, grants, and other sources of income
  • Formulate the long-term, strategic mission of the GVFPD in concert with the Fire Chief
  • Meet formally with the staff once a month; hold workshops as needed
  • Review day-to-day operations of the station